Abrasive & Sand Paper Quality Inspection

Challenges in Abrasive industry

Sand paper surface descriptive parameters such as particles height distribution above resin surface and surface roughness are can be easily analysed by the Numetrix 3D machine vision. The resolution, signal to noise ratio and repeatability of the NX3D-15 digitizer allows for repeatable measurements with the standard deviation of 6μm to 9μm on samples.

Reliable measurements of the sand paper samples features and representation of the 3D digitized surface excels the control quality process and allows for both lab development of the production recipes and automation of production process by implementation of the real-time (50 micro-second per 3D sample) machine vision quality control.

The lab version of digitizer can be equipped in a motorized sample holder stage that allows for rapid and stable sample positioning and collection of multiple measurements.

Instant in-line collection of 3D images with the NX3D-15 surface digitizer represents a definite advantage over other measurement techniques, currently available on the market, that require image stitching.

Numetrix Studio

Our dedicated user interface – Numetrix Studio – allows full customization and edition of user related machine vision algorithms. We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that fully meet surface inspection goals.

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