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Numetrix Technologies

3726 Industrial Boulevard, suite 100
Sherbrooke (Quebec)

T: 819-416-2050

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Numetrix Technologies develops and manufactures ultrafast 3D digitizers based on a unique and revolutionary technology. Numetrix innovation opens new possibilities and improves surface inspection possibilities for quality assurance through a reliable monitoring of ongoing high speed manufacturing processes, while objects of any color are moving and vibrating. Numetrix Technologies is a creative and dynamic firm capable of delivering world class 3D surface inspection solutions, material control and quality assurance systems.

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    Numetrix offers full customization of the software packages and user’s interfaces specific to each client requirements.


    Numetrix Technologies offers a technology that is compatible with many industrial environments, already recognized by the abrasives and the rubber extrusions industry, including tire surface and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The NX3D digitizers acquires 2D and 3D snapshots simultaneously within 50μs exposure time, taking 12.8 images per second. The modular software suite allows the implementation of users dedicated algorithms for robust quality detection and classification.

    The system precision is not affected by movements, vibrations or ambient light, accuracy ranging from 2 to 6 microns. The Numetrix technology is safer than any comparative laser products on the market, and handles the light and solid dark materials like no other. The versatility of the entire system allows the customization to various applications and industries.