Tire Side Wall 3D Inspection

Challenges in tire industry

Tire industry quality control is highly regulated, forcing companies to seek innovative solutions and optimize the common human inspection activities. Numetrix offers high precision machine vision technique capable of analyzing and quantifying key parameters that define the acceptable criteria’s of the final product. The powerful machine vision 3D surface digitizer aligned with user defined algorithms becomes a tool that allows real time surface features and overall shape inspection of various production parameters when used in laboratory or installed on production lines.

Numetrix is able to offer a Sidewall Recognition System which consist in a stationary scanning application that scans and reads tire sidewall surface text and pattern OCR (optical character recognition), using captured sidewall text to look up nominal tire sidewall template, proceed scanned text and pattern matching with template, display the comparison (discrepancies) onto the Numetrix Studio display.

Mold Inspection Specifications

The NX3D-50 digitizer offers convenient inspection capabilities, once installed on production lines, by on-line analysis of key quality parameters and trained feed-back loop decisions with user’s algorithms and thresholds at ultra-fast speed of 50μs per full frame – high resolution – 3D samples.

Numetrix Studio

Our dedicated user interface – Numetrix Studio – allows full customization and edition of user related machine vision algorithms. We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that fully meet surface inspection goals.

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