3D Tire Sidewall Inspection

First Tire Inspection System™

For PSR, LTR and TBR tires.

The First Cured Tire Inspection System™ is a solution for first-cured tire sidewall inspection from bead to shoulder, including tread wear indicators. It thereby ensures that all inserts, logos and stampings correspond to reference specifications. The system can also be used for daily sampling inspection, from the production line, thus ensuring that mold wear is detected early.

  • Giant step towards inspection automation
  • No defects go undetected! (Zero beta errors)
  • Repeatability and consistency of results
  • Digital report including images – data mining capability
  • Remotely accessible
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

The system conducts a full sidewall inspection including lettering, logos and special characters, which guarantees compliance with design and Department of Transportation (DOT) legal requirements. Doing this verification right on the first cured tire assures that the mold design, the curing process and the information is according to specifications and quickly qualifies the press for further production. The Multispectral Volumetric Encoding (MVE), a Numetrix patented technology, provides a best-in-class reading of a black rubber surface. This enables real-time optical character reading and verification (OCR and OCV).

Detailed product information available on request: